Analyse your performance and understand what's driving the variations
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Quickly identify in one single waterfall graph what causes your performance variations

Quickly identify the best decisions to make with a better understanding of your performance

Mix effects

Segments performance

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In a few clicks and in a very visual way, DataMa Compare represents you the elements of your activity which explain the variations of your performance

As for example, with DataMa COMPARE you will be able to explain, what is driving the performance of your:


Marketing Campaign

A/B Test

Website traffic

Conversion rate


In 5 minutes, you will be able to provide analyses such as:

  • eCommerce: “My revenue per-user drops by -19% mainly due to a conversion issues at the payment stage, caused by SEO traffic changes”
  • Management control: “+ 6% margin against the budget thanks to a higher sales volume in Germany and a higher price of the product ”B” than expected “
  • Marketing: “The ”A” email campaign performs twice as well as the ”B” campaign thanks to a client mix effect and a higher user opening rate from people between 18 and 25 years old”

Discover DataMA COMPARE

Quickly understand main features of DataMa Compare through a simple example of eCommerce analysis

DataMa Compare allow us to identify quickly and systematically the drivers behind on online conversion variations. We use DataMa analysis both for top management presentations and as an operational tool.

Gregory Sion

Senior Vice President, Digital and Sales, Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs


Compare makes this easy for you:

  • Understanding the performance (Revenue, Conversion, Traffic) variations from one period to another (Week on Week, Year on Year, Budget vs. actual…)

  • Comparing two business units, or two products (e.g. two web pages) to understand how to improve one of them

  • And many other comparisons you may have in your business

In charge of explaining KPI variations ? Compare is for you

  • Compare can help any executive in charge of explaining regularly variations in a KPI, and identify drivers in a complex flow. Typically sales or marketing executives, e-commerce directors, BI heads…


A flexible tool, easy to adapt to your system

  • Inputs: a flat table with metrics distributed on dimensions. Typically what you have in your data lake as a ‘cube’!

  • Inside: an R code. R is open source, free and easy to install software on your current system if you’re not already using it.

  • Outputs: an other flat table with drivers identified. This can be plugged on your current visualization tool (e.g. see Tableau template) or use R Shiny apps (see demo app here)



After a free demo you can buy a full licence

  • Demo : First step is to build a demo with your data, so that you see the value. Sign a NDA, send us a CSV extract, and you get your free demo in few hours.

  • Licence : If this demo looks good, you can buy a licence. You can decide to host the model within your own organization. We plug it on your system, and train you on how this works. You have full capability to further adapt to other use cases and develop add-ons. No black box, no dependencies.

  • Contact us to get a demo and size the price.

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