Smart Analytics

for Smart Decisions

The model you need to take the right
business decisions with your data is here

Smart Analytics

for Smart Decisions

The model you need to take
the right business decision
with your data is here


Understand what’s driving your performance, precisely follow your business KPI, identify the dimensions or the combination of dimensions driving your performance, analyse your mix effects,..

All you need for your business performance is here!


From the prioritisation of your AB Tests (user journey analysis, revenue attribution model,…) to the analyses of the test results (step performance analysis, significance test), make the good choices all along your A/B Tests strategy.

Which page to rebuild in priority and
which version of my AB Test put into production? 



Analyse your marketing performance (display, email, social …), understand at which step you’ve lost your audience (print, click, conversion…) and who you’ve lost.

With our statistical model also measure the impact of our marketing campaign on your revenue. 


Analyse your conversion funnel, measure the value of each step, 
understand the behavior of your users in the time and finally
prioritize the redesign of your user journey.

Automatise and accelerate your business

Smart analysis engine integrated into your data ecosystem

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Sucess Stories

Few words from our clients

“Automate recurrent analysis, without any compromise on insights’ quality

Fanjuan Shi

Director, Analytics & Data Science Department

“Maybe 50% of an analyst’s questions in a single graph”

 Eric de la Broise 

Director, BI & Analytics

“Exactly the graph I wanted to show this afternoon to the steering group”

 Charles Goddet

Business and Data Analyst

Algorithms Library


We are constantly improving our algorithms and enriching our library with new ones to provide you better analytics.


Find the dimensions that are driving the variation of your KPI

Use cases
  • Executive level: Which parameter (s) explains the decrease of our sales (Price, Volume, decrease of revenue on a particular country?, …)
  • Sales: What explains that the product B transforms less than the product A?
  • Digital: Why the A side of my A/B Test is performing better than B?
  • CFO: What explains that my realized budget is lower than my forecast?
  • As well as all your business comparaison …



Analyse which dimensions are driving your business and interactions between them


Use cases
  • Sales: What is the influence of the regional dimension on my average basket?


Understand the impact and the significance of a change in your KPIs

Use cases
  • Marketing:  What’s the impact on my revenue of my last marketing campaign? Is it significant?


Compare your customers journeys and get smart insights to improve your user experience

Use cases
  • Digital: What is the different behaviour people have in my website, and what are there common caracteristics?


Rank properly your products to optimize the conversion of your onsite search engine


Use cases
  • Overall: Which positions give to my products in the search engine of my site to optimize my income / my margin?


Enrich your dataset with exogenous information in order to refine your KPI analysis. Informations such as wheather, holidays, …

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