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Enrich and accelerate your performance review with DataMa 

Understand what’s driving your performance, precisely follow your business KPI (revenue, web traffic, marketing campaign,…), analyze significance of your performance variations and react quickly to generate more revenue with smarter insights.

DataMa solutions could cover 50% of your daily analysis tasks that will be solved in few seconds and ready to be presented at your performance review.

Enrich and accelerate your performance review with DataMa 

Understand what’s driving your performance. Compare your business KPI (revenue, web trafic, marketing campaign,…) between two segments (time period, product, country,…) by identifying every dimension that explains your performance variations.

This comparaison could be 50% of your daily analysis tasks that DataMa could solve in few minutes and ready to be presented at your performance review.

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Our Solutions

DataMa provides a library of SaaS data anlaytics models

Find the dimensions that are driving the variation of your KPI

Use cases
  • Executive level: Which parameter (s) explains the decrease of our sales (Price, Volume, decrease of revenue on a particular country?, …)
  • Sales: What explains that the product B transforms less than the product A?
  • Digital: Why the A side of my A/B Test is performing better than B?
  • CFO: What explains that my realized budget is lower than my forecast?
  • As well as all your business comparaison …


Analyse which dimensions are driving your business and interactions between them


Use cases
  • Sales: What is the influence of the regional dimension on my average basket?

Understand the impact and the significance of a change in your KPIs

Use cases
  • Marketing:  What’s the impact on my revenue of my last marketing campaign? Is it significant?


Compare your customers journeys and get smart insights to improve your user experience

Use cases
  • Digital: What is the different behaviour people have in my website, and what are there common caracteristics?


Rank properly your products to optimize the conversion of your onsite search engine


Use cases
  • Overall: Which positions give to my products in the search engine of my site to optimize my income / my margin?


Boost your acquisition Return on Investment with cross sources analysis


Enrich your dataset with exogenous information in order to refine your KPI analysis. Informations such as wheather, holidays, …

Use cases
  • Sales: What’s the weather impact on my product sales performance?


Define what’s the right price for your product based on revenue management technique

Use cases
  • Overall: What prices apply to my products A and B to optimize my income?

They trust us

Our models are tested and validated by references in their industries. Leverage the experience of multiple clients using the same models, and benefit from co-developed enhancements, based on real life use cases.

DataMa provides the missing layer between

raw data and visualization

Who are DataMa solutions made for?


To all the people in the company responsible for understanding and analyzing the performance from company data

Executive management


Business department manager/ director

(sales, marketing, digital…)


Technical department manager/ director 

(BI, Analytics, Data,…)

Data Analyst & BI

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Data Consultant


Business Analyst


Strategy Consultant, M&A

Who we are

A young and agile software provider

Created in 2017

BPI French Tech subsidy

Latest News

Check out DataMa concept in motion design video

We are very happy to present you our tools through this new video. This animated movie will help you understand in a fun way the goal that has set DataMa. Provide companies with powerful data analysis tools that do not require technical knowledge. And which allow to answer in a simple way some frequent business problems that are often complex. If, like Bob, you want to impress your teams with...

Interview of Guillaume, founder and CEO of DataMa

GUILLAUME  Founder & CEO of DataMa   Q: What is the core business of DataMa ?   DataMa was created in October 2017 following a simple observation: there is a real shortage of data experts with a dual technical and business skills. A study conducted in the United States showed, moreover, that in 2018, more than 190,000 people were missing to analyze the data generated by the companies....

Meet DataMa at Big Data Paris

Come and meet DataMa at Big Data Paris event, March 11th and 12th 2019 The stand S11 dedicated to DataMa in the village startup, will welcome you throughout the duration of the show. We will be happy to introduce you to the new features of DataMa COMPARE... and to present you our latest solution: DataMa PIVOT!! Enjoy the show, The DataMa Team

DataMa selected to be part of WILCO accelerator!

After a hard selection, DataMa is very proud to integrate the WILCO accelerator (ex: Scientipôle). The new 2019 promotion has 13 startups that would be able to benefit of 3 years of support to ensure their development. This integration is a great opportunity for DataMa to mature its strategy, benefit from expert advices and increase its network of customers and partners. The Wilco program is...

DataMa whishes you a Happy New Year !

DataMa wishes you a .... Happy New Year 2019  In this new year, DataMa offers this first newsletter: after a year in 2018 in a bustle that has seen great progress, 2019 comes with always more projects, evolutions and surprises ... We tell you a little more!  The great achievements 2018! DataMa is connected to the web in SaaS mode: our first DataMa Compare solution - which allows you to...

DataMa at the Data Marketing show in Paris

DataMa will be present at the data marketing event the 20th and 21st of novembre 2018 at the Cité de la mode et du design in Paris. You can meet the team at the booth S1 ! About the data marketing show Data Marketing Paris is back on the 20th & 21st of November for a third edition that will bring again the so-called "data-driven" marketing sector! The objective of this event is to offer you...

Interview of Pierre & Vacances about DataMa Compare

We are pleased to share here the feedback of Gregory Sion, Senior Vice President, Digital and Sales at Pierre et Vacances - Center Parcs, on the use of DataMa Compare Q: In what context have you been decided to use DataMa? G.S.: Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs realizes via the web 50% of its 1.2 billion annual revenue in tourism. Optimizing our web conversion is our first priority. The...

DataMa integrates NeuillyLab

With its new domiciliation in Neuilly sur Seine, DataMa joins the Neuilly Lab, workspace, exchange and economic animation dedicated to business creators. This space will allow DataMa to grow in a stimulating ecosystem, and provide a dedicated workspace for the various developers currently working on new models.     To find out more about Neuilly Lab:

DataMa innovates with BPI French Tech!

DataMa is proud to benefit from the innovation grant program "Bourse French Tech", awarded by BPI France. This support will help us to develop a new tool "DataMa Impact", a predictive algorithm that will assess the impact and significance in the variation of a KPI. (e.g : understand the impact of a marketing campaign on the revenue by comparing the projected revenue with the real observed...

DataMa Compare for consulting usage

DataMa Compare makes your life easier for explaining the gap of a KPI between two segments, which is a classic in consulting and analytics in general. Find out in this deck some use cases of DataMa Compare usage, and why you should contact us for a demo!

DataMa Compare live demo

General overview of DataMa COMPARE We're proud to share that DataMa Compare, part of DataMa solutions, is now available for live demo online! DataMa Compare is a proprietary model that helps you understand the variation of a KPI between two segments. We can set up a quick demo with your own data for free if you contact us. Please read use case explanations here. You can check the demo here:...

“At DataMa, we believe in smart analytics.

Smart analytics gives you access to complex data modeling in just a few days. It adds the layer of intelligence that was missing in your data stack, without replacing any of your existing tools.

Because we hate black boxes, we deliver licences for solutions fully transparent, that you can understand, host, and enhance over time.

Because we are business oriented, we make sure that our models help you take smart decisions on what really matters, at top levels of your organisation.

Happy analyzing”

Guillaume de Bénazé

Founder and CEO

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