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Plug & Play Models for smart analytics

DataMa Compare

Compare any KPI between two segments and understand quickly what’s driving the difference

DataMa Pivot

Analyse which dimensions are driving your business, and interactions between them

DataMa Impact

Understand the impact and the significance of a change in your KPIs

DataMa Boost

Boost your acquisition Return on Investment with cross sources analysis

DataMa Price

Define what’s the right price for your product based on revenue management techniques

DataMa Rank

Rank properly your products to optimize the conversion of your onsite search engine

They trust us

Our models are tested and validated by references in their industries. Leverage the experience of multiple clients using the same models, and benefit from co-developed enhancements, based on real life use cases.

What makes us unique


Good analytics people are rare. Save their time by providing them smart models off the shelves instead of spending months to build them. You will focus their energy on what matters. DataMa solutions can be plugged in your system in just a few days. We’re not talking about long IT projects because we’re not replacing any of your existing tools. We just help you to make them smarter. 


You can decide to host DataMa Solutions on your own system, or let us do the job. In any case, we train you on how it works, so it’s not a black box. If you’re hosting the solution, we sit with your analytical team to make sure they can enhance the model when need be, and adapt it to multiple use cases. You don’t depend on us to make it work, and your data stay fully confidential


Outside of DataMa core Model, in R or Python, the input can have any format you want. We work together to get it plugged on any tool/ API. Similarly, visualizations will leverage any existing tool you’re already familiar with. We can work together in adapting the tool to your specific needs, if we identify a clear reason for doing so. We’re young and agile, so let’s talk on how to best serve your needs!

Who we are

A young and agile software provider

Created in 2017

BPI French Tech subsidy

“At DataMa, we believe in smart analytics.

Smart analytics gives you access to complex data modeling in just a few days. It adds the layer of intelligence that was missing in your data stack, without replacing any of your existing tools.

Because we hate black boxes, we deliver licences for solutions fully transparent, that you can understand, host, and enhance over time.

Because we are business oriented, we make sure that our models help you take smart decisions on what really matters, at top levels of your organisation.

Happy analyzing”

Guillaume de Bénazé

Founder and CEO

Latest News

DataMa au salon du Data Marketing

DataMa au salon du data marketing DataMa expose au salon du data marketing les 20 et 21 novembre 2018 à la cité de la mode et du design à Paris. Retrouvez nous sur le stand S1 ! A propos du salon data marketing Data Marketing Paris revient les 20 & 21 Novembre prochains pour une troisième édition qui rassemblera de nouveau la filière marketing dite « data-driven » ! L’objectif de cet événement...

DataMa Compare chez Pierre & Vacances – Retour client

Nous sommes heureux de partager ici le retour client de Gregory Sion, Senior Vice President, Digital and Sales chez Pierre et Vacances - Center Parcs, sur l'usage de DataMa Compare Q: Dans quel contexte avez vous été amené à faire appel à DataMa ? G.S.:  Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs réalise en direct via le web 50% de ses 1,2 milliard de chiffre d'affaires annuel dans le tourisme....

DataMa innovates with BPI French Tech!

[In French] DataMa est fière de bénéficier du programme d’aide à l’innovation « Bourse French Tech » octroyée par BPI France. Cette aide permettra de développer un nouvel outil « DataMa Impact », permettant de comprendre l’impact et la significativité dans la variation d’un KPI. DataMa est ainsi reconnue « jeune entreprise à réel potentiel de croissance » par une institution referente de...

Check out DataMa concept in motion design video

We’re happy to share this new video to explain DataMa concept! If, like Bob, you want to test building an efficient model to take the right decisions, contact us here

DataMa Compare for consulting usage

DataMa Compare makes your life easier for explaining the gap of a KPI between two segments, which is a classic in consulting and analytics in general. Find out in this deck some use cases of DataMa Compare usage, and why you should contact us for a...

DataMa Compare live demo

We're proud to share that DataMa Compare, part of DataMa solutions, is now available for live demo online! DataMa Compare is a proprietary model that helps you understand the variation of a KPI between two segments. We can set up a quick demo with your own data for free if you contact us. Please read use case explanations here. You can check the Shiny app here: Also check the tableau public...

What on earth is driving my conversion down this week?

Have you ever been trying to explain what was driving the gap of a KPI and just been overwhelmed by the number of effects coming into play? Then you might find the following article quite useful... At DataMa, we're passionate about improving online conversion through data mining. One of the key problem our clients are regularly facing is being able to understand the differences between two...

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